Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Medium: clay. 

“Time always presents itself by producing, or more precisely by drawing matter into a process of becoming-ever-different. (Kwinter) 

We have merely been standardizing time rather than conceiving it as something real. Stanford Kwinter says that time presents itself as something that is in a process of becoming-ever-different. In this process of change, there exist many possibilities as to what can become real. These possibilities all exist as a conceptual reality, but only some are realized. Things around us erode, degrade and die—but perhaps ‘degrade’ is not the right word, as this would mean that we look at an event, idea, object, subject or an environment to be perfect, rather than just still in time for a moment. We would once again be putting time in a box. Matter still exists after its ‘degradation’ or ‘death’. However, the very emergence or evolution of form occurs through this process of ‘ever-becoming-different’. 
Over the course of a year, I have been constructing forms out of water and earth to acknowledge the nature of time. The sculptures made out of clay are informed by images of eroded rocks and stand on plinths of raw clay. The structure cracks, breaks, crumbles and undergoes not degradation, but transformation.

Water, Ice, Vapor - Gallery exhibit

Material: H20, paper, plaster

Water, Ice, Vapour

Medium: H20, paper, pigment and plaster.
dimensions: 9*11*2
year: 2014

3 hours later


Underglaze on Stoneware

"What if every cell was a planet and every planet was just a cell in a bigger form?"

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

T E N F O L D - Cells

I recently showed in Ogo gallery in Boston. Tenfold is an exhibition of artists working and conversing in a shared studio space for a year. While these artists work closely together, each is involved in a distinct investigation, resulting in work that is visually, materially and conceptually diverse. 
The show will be open for two more days - Thurday, 14th march being the last day.

For the show I showed my ceramic portraits of cells and a few drawings.

Here is my statement:

What if each cell is a universe by themselves and our universe is just a cell in a larger form? The search for a unified theory to explain the existence of each individual and to find significance in our daily actions, by looking at the macrocosm and microcosm for answers have been a considerable influence in creating my recent work. An understanding of the idea of fractals prompted me to conceive the world as a self-similar entity, as a pattern that repeats though nature infinitely in both directions. The ceramic pieces and the drawing are representations of stationary micro and macrocosms. Each piece has been individualized and consists all component to be a whole in itself. The stationary ceramic pieces are brought to life when spun, often crashing into one another and creating illusions of shape.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Minute Train

 Music by Jake Rubin and video by Moi.

My first animation in collaboration with Jake Rudin

Friday, December 28, 2012

Similarity of Form

Under glaze on Ceramics

Detail- 1
Detail- 2

Under glaze on Ceramics.
These- 2 pieces were a representation of the similarity of form. The images involve the information of the veins of a left, cells, and the veins of a dragonfly's wings. They are have similar structures and could be read as one. The round projections in the first image pointing towards these repetitions of from in infinite scales.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Watercolor and ink on paper

Detail 1

Detail 2

Detail 3

Watercolor and ink on paper

Detail 1

Detail 2

Detail 3
A splash is an uncontrollable phenomenon. One could control the high from which is the dropped, the intensity of color but one cannot predict that essential outcome. Adding ink marks to this unpredictable and Stochastic incident is almost like making sense of it and making it look predictable. It is almost like there is some mathematical way that one can predict the shape of a splash.
Is everything we do or everything that is could be predictable but looks unpredictable, similar to self- similar fractals. They are similar at different scales but it is noticeable only after looking closely. 

Fractals in Space

Watercolor on Paper

Detail - 1

Detail 2

Detail- 3


Water color on handmade paper

Detail- 1

Detail- 2

Alternative world of cells -

Oil, acrylic and ink on canvas


Alternative universe of cells

Ink and acrylic on canvas

detail 1

Detail 2

Detail 3

Detail 4

Detail 5

Detail 6

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Artist Statement' Fall 2012

I began my endeavors this semester from a chain of research and ideas. My inspiration began from a news excerpt about stem cells. I thought it was really fascinating that all the biological information of a human being can be found in one cell. I went on to thinking very abstractly about this idea and wondered- what if the cell could be a whole new universe and if the universe we live in was just a cell in someone’s body. To understand and comprehend this further, I started studying the images of stem cells and using them as a source of inspiration to make art. This area related to the scale of things, led me to thinking and looking at fractals in the world, which then lead me to stumble about the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio. This topic that merely started from a small idea came to fascinate me more and more.
There were many directions that I could go in my work and I tried to explore as many ways as I could to see how I feel about them. I began with small studies on paper and canvas, tried to connect these images to watercolor marks and landscape, played around with its graphic and sculptural qualities in ceramics, etc. However, I still haven’t been able to reach a conclusion as to which one of these I would like to pursue.
Other thoughts that I have been contemplating on, this semester are both philosophical and scientific. For instance, while initially thinking about the stem cell I wondered if we were smaller component of the world and if this world was to be a fractal then all the information of the world was actually within us. Another thought that intrigued me what the relation of Time, Space, and Dimension to each other and the fields of philosophy, science and art.